Opinion: It’s time for a moratorium on all fossil fuel projects in New Jersey

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R. WILLIAM POTTER / NJ SPOTLIGHT – For anyone even remotely concerned with the clear and present dangers of global warming and climate change — catastrophic sea-level rise, a million species extinguished, extreme weather rendering some areas uninhabitable — there is a must-read report focused on the New Jersey impacts and what we must do at least to mitigate these apocalyptic forecasts.

The report is “Fighting Climate Change in NJ: The Urgent Case for a Moratorium on all Fossil Fuel Projects,” which gives the lie to the myth that anything written by a committee will be a stylistic mess. Not this one. Researched and composed by a “gang of nine” on behalf of a “growing coalition of more than 50 environmental and grassroots groups” called “Empower NJ,” the report makes a powerful and readable case for stopping the eight natural gas pipeline/compressor station projects, and four gas-fired power plants, currently in various stages of development in New Jersey …

R. William Potter is a partner in the Princeton-based law firm Potter and Dickson.

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