The threat of a destructive wildfire in South Jersey is growing. Is enough being done to prepare?

Pinelands forest forest 2019

DISHA RAYCHAUDHURI and MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM and MAYA MILLER/ CLIMATE CENTRAL – On a Wednesday in mid-May, on the grounds of one of America’s most highly-rated golf courses, forester Bob Williams stepped out of his truck to snap a picture of the fresh shoots of grass springing up between a stand of pine trees. He needed to immortalize this personal triumph.

Williams manages this thin stretch of forest in Camden County that is sandwiched between a row of homes at the edge of Pine Hill and the Pine Valley Golf Club, which Golf Digest calls the top course in America. His goal is twofold: he wants to keep the forest healthy, and protect the famed course from the risk of wildfire …

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