Opinion: Penneast pipeline doesn’t go with a clean-energy future

PennEast Pipeline protest sign

BRANDON MCKOY / NJ SPOTLIGHT – While we share a border and general appreciation for a good bagel, New Jersey and New York are different — especially when you look at our approaches to energy issues. Proponents of the PennEast fracked-gas pipeline — including some lawmakers, building trades unions, and utility companies — have put forth numerous inaccurate arguments that repeat scare tactics being used by gas companies in New York. These faulty arguments should not dictate New Jersey’s energy policy.

Take, for example, the claim that New Jersey needs more pipeline capacity. A report by the New Jersey Conservation Foundation, “A Solution in Search of a Problem,”proves this is false. The PennEast pipeline isn’t needed to meet the state’s energy needs because New Jersey already has substantial excess pipeline capacity. Considering this, it’s almost laughable when gas companies suggest that a few cold winter days require our state to build a new 120-mile pipeline that we’re not even close to needing. That’s like living in Antarctica and buying a convertible for the one “hot” day each year …

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