Opinion: The road ahead for New Jersey’s climate leadership

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FRED KRUPP / NJ SPOTLIGHT – With the impacts of global warming hitting New Jersey and everywhere, the science is clear: To avoid the catastrophic costs of unchecked climate change, the United States and the world need to achieve zero net greenhouse pollution by 2050.

It will be a big transition, and though existing technology can put us on the path to net zero, we need significantly more investment, innovation and political will to actually get there.

That’s why it matters that even as the administration in Washington denies the problem, states are stepping up. Governors from New Mexico to Colorado to New Jersey are driving bold climate agendas. Colorado’s governor recently signed legislation requiring economy-wide reductions of 50 percent by 2030 and 90 percent by 2050, with a goal to get to net zero climate pollution …

Fred Krupp is president of Environmental Defense Fund.

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