Gas pipelines take a huge toll on Delaware River Basin, new report finds

Farm on Delaware River, Warren County, NJ

NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION / INSIDERNJ.COM – Development of natural gas pipelines and associated infrastructure is resulting in significant costs to the environment and communities in the Delaware River Basin (DRB), a new study conducted for the New Jersey Conservation Foundation finds. The costs that can be quantified could be as much as $2.4 billion for two pipelines alone — in addition to costs that can’t yet be quantified.

“Such costs should not be overlooked when making decisions about pipeline development in the region,” the report says.

The far-reaching analysis, “Environmental and Social Costs of Natural Gas Pipeline Development in the Delaware River Basin,” was conducted by The Cadmus Group LLC, an independent technical consultancy based in Massachusetts. It focuses on the proposed PennEast, and existing Mariner East 2, and Mariner East 2X pipelines, two of the numerous pipelines threatening the basin …

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