Editorial: Beyond the hype, new worries about health and Delaware Bay

Delaware Bayshore, New Jersey

SOUTH JERSEY TIMES – Put this one in your mental “Now I have to worry about this?” file, which, hopefully, includes some concerns about the effects of global “heating,”as England’s Guardian now refers to it:

“Flesh-eating bacteria becoming more common in Delaware Bay due to climate change, study finds.”

It was an eye-catching headline on cbsnews.com the other day. Although it smacks of an over-hyped story to promote local TV news, it’s a little more serious than that. (No, they didn’t promise to tell you how to save your family, only if you watch the 11 p.m. broadcast.)

The online article notes that Vibrio vulnificus, most likely from handling or eating seafood from the Delaware Bay, has sickened five people in the past two years, all of whom were treated at Cooper University Hospital in Camden. One of the patients died …

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