NJ could need 2,700 miles of sea walls to defend against rising waters

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT – New Jersey would have to pay almost $25 billion to build almost 2,700 miles of sea walls to protect its coastal communities from anticipated sea-level rise by 2040, according to the latest study on the state’s vulnerability to rising ocean levels.

The Center for Climate Integrity, a Washington, DC-based advocacy group, said New Jersey faces the sixth-biggest bill for sea-wall construction of any state, while low-lying Cumberland County would have to pay the most — $5.8 billion for 532 miles of sea walls — among New Jersey’s counties.

Atlantic City would have to build 49 miles of sea walls to prevent persistent flooding, at a cost of some $365 million, while Mystic Island and North Beach Haven would also be faced with multimillion-dollar bills for sea defenses, according to the national report, titled “High Tide Tax,” published on Thursday …

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