The climate crisis is here, environmental leader says. We must work together to battle it.

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JEFF TITTEL / STAR-LEDGER – People concerned about climate change are coming together from all over the state to fight it. This concern has created a broad vision, not just for moving to a green economy, but that to get there we must fight dirty fuel projects. This movement is why Empower NJ has brought together more than 80 groups from every part of New Jersey to oppose fossil-fuel projects. We have made progress in stopping some of those dangerous projects. We have built large-scale public support to bring attention and resources to convincing Gov. Phil Murphy of the climate urgency.

As the climate threat worsens and fossil fuel projects continue undermining clean energy, people are coming together to turn local battles into a statewide issue. Thousands of people have shown up at rallies and turned out for town meetings all over the state. They’ve organized protests, taken part in phone call campaigns and spearheaded petition drives. People from the Pinelands have helped fight the Meadowlands power plant in North Jersey. People in North Jersey made calls opposing the NESE pipeline in Central Jersey. They’ve contacted legislators and been very active all across New Jersey fighting the climate emergency …

Jeff Tittel is director of the New Jersey Sierra Club.

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