Opinion: Stormwater utilities can help make Lake Hopatcong healthy

Lake Hopatcong, NJ

ELLIOTT RUGA / NORTHJERSEY.COM – The primary culprit that is causing the algae blooms in Lake Hopatcong and other recreational lakes and reservoirs in northern New Jersey is untreated stormwater, which carries a slew of toxins from hard surfaces, such as roads and parking lots, and washes contaminants directly into the lake. This condition, if it continues unchecked, could be devastating to the economies of Lake Hopatcong’s communities, which depend on the recreational use of the lake by residents and visitors.

The good news is that a bill that recently passed in Trenton allows municipalities, counties or a combination of municipalities, to form a stormwater utility, which can construct any number of “green infrastructure” projects that serve to intercept stormwater runoff, and filter out the contamination, before it enters the lake …

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