Flint doctor about Newark water: ‘There is no safe level of lead’

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NEWS 12 NJ – A doctor from Flint, Michigan, who helped prove there were dangerous toxins in that water system, spoke to Newark residents Wednesday – a city that has been dealing with dangerously high levels of lead in its drinking water.

Dr. Mona Attisha is a pediatrician who got involved in Flint’s water problems when a mother asked her if the water was safe for her baby. She soon found it wasn’t.

“We had a home with a lead level of 22,000 [parts-per-billion],” Attisha said …

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  1. Please don’t call lead a “toxin.” Toxins are poisons made by cells of living things like rattlesnakes, bees, jellyfish etc. Lead is a toxic chemical, a toxic metal, a chemical contaminant – many correct ways to describe it. But it should not be called a toxin.


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