Editorial: Heed the slimy siren from algae blooms

STAR-LEDGER – It’s mid-July, and Lake Hopatcong has been desecrated by huge splotches of green slime that you keep at a safe distance, one measured by your tolerance for a horrid stench.

The largest lake in New Jersey is usually filled with swimmers, boats, jet skis, and fishing lines. Now it’s an untouchable vacation fantasy — yes, during the hottest week of the year, and the hottest year ever recorded — because you can’t tip a toe in it without risking a skin rash right now.

A harmful algal bloom has forced the Department of Environmental Protection to shut down all activity on the lake since June 17 (except for boating), and maybe it’s something you could endure if this slop had an expiration date. But the truth is, nobody knows …

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