Opinion: The draft of N.J.’s energy plan isn’t meeting the challenge of combating our climate emergency

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JOHN REICHMAN / STAR-LEDGER – Board of Public Utilities President Joseph L. Fiordaliso’s recent op-ed extolled the virtues of the administration’s Draft Energy Master Plan, which is to be the blueprint for New Jersey’s energy policy for the next 30 years. Mr. Fiordaliso called it a “bold plan” to combat the challenge of climate change.

There are things to like in the plan. It commendably takes a more holistic and broader approach to combating climate change than its predecessors. However, the plan fails in critical ways to meet the challenge Mr. Fiordaliso identified, as It largely ignores the current overwhelming scientific consensus that we have 10 years to avoid climate catastrophe by drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and transforming our energy production …

John Reichman is chairman of BlueWaveNJ’s Environmental Committee and is a member of the Steering Committee of EmpowerNJ.

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