Opinion: Gas is not needed as bridge in N.J.

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RICHARD LAWTON / ROI-NJ.COM – The debate is on: With the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy like wind and solar ramping up, how much natural gas does New Jersey need in the clean-energy future to heat and cool our homes, workplaces and schools?

The answer: none.

That’s not what you’ll hear from the gas industry, whose claims Mark Longo echoed in a recent ROI-NJ Editor’s Desk column. He called proposals to eliminate gas use in New Jersey “reckless and ill-informed.”

In fact, those words more accurately describe the idea that New Jersey should invest billions of dollars in new infrastructure for a dirty fossil fuel that needs to be phased out over the next 30 years to meet the state’s clean energy goals.

Some say we need gas as a “bridge” to renewables. In fact, the bridge was predicted to end when renewables become cheap enough to replace coal and gas — and that’s what is happening …

Richard Lawton is executive director of the New Jersey Sustainable Business Council.

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