Opinion: New legislation will help N.J. meet its aggressive clean energy goals

solar, wind energy

ED POTOSNAK / STAR-LEDGER – May 23rd, 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of the landmark Clean Energy Bill, signed by Gov. Phil Murphy. This bill catalyzed our nation-leading offshore wind program, established aggressive annual energy efficiency standards, and expanded solar energy access to ensure cost effective movement away from fossil fuels and to a 100 percent clean energy future by 2050.

As we celebrated New Jersey’s return to a leadership role in expanding the clean energy economy and the good local jobs that come with it, we were met by a harrowing reality, a reality that rightfully serves as a harbinger of what could come with greenhouse gases reaching the highest level for as long as we’ve been around. We are in unchartered climatic territory because the last time CO2 levels were this high, trees grew near the South Pole and sea levels were 50 to 65 feet higher than today. With the unveiling of the IPCC report and the National Climate Assessment last year, we don’t have much time to act – a little longer than a decade — before we can see irreversible effects of climate change …

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