Opinion: By building the nation’s largest project, N.J. shows it knows how to do wind power right

offshore wind turbine installation

CURTIS FISHER and ERIC STILES / STAR-LEDGER – New Jersey residents are experiencing a fundamental altering of the natural world caused by the climate crisis. Our communities are being threatened by historic floods and extreme weather, but also the insidious unraveling of natural systems that both people and wildlife depend on. Simply put, climate change requires bold and urgent action.

Urgency, however, doesn’t mean we should cut corners or skip over a deliberate stakeholder process while finding solutions. Accordingly, the National Wildlife Federation and New Jersey Audubon are working to ensure all offshore wind projects built in New Jersey are developed with strong wildlife protections. Working in partnership with labor, faith leaders, environmental justice organizations, recreational fishermen, and more, we are calling for responsibly developed offshore wind to address our climate crisis while simultaneously protecting our natural resources …

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