Opinion: Isn’t it time to get real about New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan

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FRED FASTIGGI / NJ SPOTLIGHT – Judging by the participants and emotion from speakers at the ongoing sessions for public comment on the Energy Master Plan (EMP), the latest edition seems to have fallen short of expectations. While many of the activists who turn out in numbers at these events are there as a result of organized interests that may not represent views of the average New Jersey resident, climate change remains a serious problem that needs to be addressed with a “moonshot” effort. Yet there are many ways to skin a cat. Draconian measures suggested by special interests tend to desensitize and trivialize the general public to the urgency of the issue. The authors of the EMP have correctly surmised that 100 percent clean energy is neither achievable nor practical in 30 short years. They have proposed what some view as a compromise or hedge, but with reflection it seems to be a decent start, putting New Jersey on a better course. A few additional points may be worth further consideration …

Fred Fastiggi is principal and managing director of consulting firm Shoreline Energy Advisors.

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