BPU urged to delve into cost impacts of energy plan

new jersey solar power, wind energy

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT – The final public hearing on a draft energy master plan for New Jersey closed yesterday with more questions than answers amid complaints it fails to detail how much it will cost in a state already saddled with high energy costs.

The energy master plan (EMP) aims to transition the state to a 100 percent clean-energy economy by 2050, but some business interests questioned how New Jersey will smoothly shift away from fossil fuels when 85 percent or more homes are now heated with gas, propane, or oil, and 40 percent of the state’s electricity is produced by gas-fired power plants.

As in past hearings, clean-energy advocates called for a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure, a plea endorsed by former Board of Public Utilities (BPU) president Jeanne Fox. But both consumer advocates and business interests urged agency officials to hold off adopting the plan until more detailed cost impacts are ascertained …

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