Pulitzer Prize winner’s new book focuses on southern Ocean County

RICK MELLERUP / THESANDPAPER.NET – OMG, what almost happened back in 1969!

The Shapiro brothers, Herb and Jerry, are legendary figures in Southern Ocean County. Following in the footsteps of their father, Morris, they had been major players in the development of Long Beach Island and of the bayfront mainland, Beach Haven West to be specific. In 1969 they were at the height of their powers.

Their Beach Haven West project was well on the way to completion, with most of its lagoons dug out and about half of its eventual 4,500 bungalows constructed. But they had a bigger project, a much bigger project, on their minds.

“Dinners Point” was meant to be an all-inclusive waterfront community a few miles south of Beach Haven West stretching into Eagleswood Township. It would have community pools, recreation centers, even its own supermarket. More importantly, it would have 20,000 homes …

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