New state effort to ramp up electric vehicle usage

electric vehicle charging station

TOM JOHNSON / NJ ENVIRONMENT – The state is moving to tackle one of its toughest climate action goals: putting 330,000 electric vehicles on the road in New Jersey in less than six years.

In a step toward achieving that goal, the state Board of Public Utilities wants to hire a consultant to administer a program to jump-start New Jersey’s efforts to electrify the transportation sector, which now accounts for 46% of emissions contributing to global warming.

The BPU started the process Friday, a move clean-energy advocates hope will revive the state’s push to transition to cleaner vehicles on New Jersey roads. New Jersey and other Northeastern states made the commitment to comply with California’s zero emission vehicle program.

Uphill battle for electric cars
So far, the success of that effort has been mixed. Earlier this month, the Trump administration vowed to end a waiver that allows California and other states to set more stringent emission standards for vehicles. The action is likely to tie up the issue in courts for years, advocates say …

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