New Jersey is the fastest warming state in the lower 48. What does that mean for winter?

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KYLE BAGENSTOSE / BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES – Real estate developer Michael Goldstein has an unusual hobby for a Trentonian: cross-country skiing.

A veteran of serious slopes like Mount Marcy in the Adirondacks (elevation, 5,344 feet), Goldstein doesn’t ski anything like that nearby. But, area locales such as Baldpate Mountain and the Delaware and Raritan Canal offer sufficient opportunities.

“On the canal towpaths, you only need two or three inches” of snow, Goldstein said. “Washington Crossing and some of the hillier trails … you need more like eight or 10 inches.”

Since he moved to Trenton in 1995, Goldstein says he’s seen plenty of snow. There are big seasons like 2009-10 and 2013-14, which are respectively first and second for total snowfall since at least 1940, according to measurements at Philadelphia International Airport …

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