Tap water at Trump National Golf Course contaminated with toxic ‘forever chemicals’


JAMES CROWLEY / NEWSWEEK – The Environmental Working Group has found that high levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and other perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS) have been detected in tap water at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminister, New Jersey. PFAS are often called “forever chemicals,” because they don’t break down once they enter the environment and can cause build-up in the blood and organs of people exposed to them. President Donald Trump has frequently used the private club for meetings with public officials and referred to the compound as “the summer White House.”

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection reports 517 water systems in the state have been contaminated by these chemicals. EWG reports that over 1,000 water systems nationwide are affected by PFAS. PFOA, which was originally manufactured by DuPont for Teflon cookware, is believed to cause liver, testicular, and kidney cancer …

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