How will NJ fund transportation projects if input from gas tax dwindles?

pumping gas in car at gas station

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT – If New Jersey achieves its goal of electrifying its transportation system, it poses one new great challenge for policymakers. How do you replace the billions of dollars annually raised by a gas tax to fund road improvements and mass transit projects?

Under a bill (S-4090) up for consideration this week in the Legislature, a new seven-member commission would come up with a new system of taxing motor vehicles including, but not limited to, electric cars and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

For the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Transportation Financing Commission, there may not be much reason to hurry. By most estimates, only 25,000 electric vehicles are on the road in New Jersey today. Even clean-car advocates concede it will be tough to meet a target of upping that number to 330,000 by 2025 …

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