Wild turkeys are terrorizing the town of Tom’s River, New Jersey, by pecking at roofs, breaking windows, and attacking residents

wild turkey

ASHLEY COLLMAN / INSIDER – A gang of 40-6o wild turkeys is running rampant in the New Jersey town of Tom’s River, where residents say the birds have been attacking them and causing damage to their property.

The situation seems to be mostly concentrated in the 55-and-up community of Holiday City. Residents told News 12 New Jersey that the birds — which can weigh 16-24 pounds — are blocking doorways, pecking at cars, and behaving aggressively.

“It’s very disturbing when you can’t get into your own home. You shoo them away they won’t do anything. They just like look at you to say ‘Yeah.’ Like they don’t care,” Donna Scala told ABC 7 …

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