Opinion: If N.J. makes energy efficiency a priority, we can create more jobs


ERIN COSGROVE / NJ.COM – New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan, currently in progress, will set the state’s energy priorities for the next decade and beyond. If implemented correctly, it has the unique potential to not only change the energy landscape in New Jersey, but the economy as well.

In the simplest terms, energy efficiency measures can range from changing out a lightbulb to retrofitting a whole home or business with energy-saving technologies; or designing buildings and appliances to be state-of-the-art efficient right from the start.

Energy efficiency is already creating opportunities for millions of Americans. Data shows that energy efficiency sector employs twice as many workers as the fossil fuel industry …

Erin Cosgrove is the policy counsel for the Energy Efficiency Alliance of New Jersey and the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance in Pennsylvania. 

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