Will Murphy’s pledge of $13.5M, scientific expertise to fight algae blooms do any good?

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT – New Jersey’s lakes are likely to be choked with toxic algae again next summer, despite Gov. Phil Murphy’s pledge on Monday to spend $13.5 million and deploy cutting-edge science to fix the problem, environmentalists said.

The new state and federal funding can’t be expected to replace a significant number of leaking septic tanks or keep animal waste out of waterways, let alone persuade thousands of homeowners to stop fertilizing their lawns — all factors that contribute to the spread of algae, known as Harmful Algae Blooms, or HABs.

The new measures also won’t roll back climate change, which has warmed waters such as those of Lake Hopatcong to the point at which the naturally occurring algae can flourish when combined with the contaminants driven into lakes by stormwater runoff, the naturalists said …

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