Opinion: A proven climate warrior comes to NJ, extols virtues of wind

BRUCE LOWRY / NORTHJERSEY.COM – In one of the best New Yorker articles I’ve ever read on climate change, “The Island in the Wind,” from 2008 Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Elizabeth Kolbert explores the heroic efforts by unsung residents of the small Danish island of Samso to better incorporate the use of wind power.

The piece cataloged a victory by ordinary humans to alter their destiny by altering their carbon footprint for the good of the island, and the good of us all. This determined effort to choose wind over fossil fuels was undertaken by people, strawberry farmers and the like, who, as Kolbert describes them — “insisted on their ordinariness. They were, they noted, not wealthy, nor were they especially well educated or idealistic. They weren’t even terribly adventuresome.” …

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