Waterfront retreat: A bay community faces rising seas and buyouts

Delaware Bayshore, New Jersey

TOM HORTON / YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 – When Meghan Wren came to look at a place for sale in 1997 in tiny Money Island, an outpost of several dozen homes on New Jersey’s low-lying and remote Delaware Bay shore, it was love at first sight.

She gazed at the views of bay and creek and salt marsh stretching to the horizons and “without looking inside the house, I signed on the dotted line.”

Over the years, she and husband Jesse Briggs, a tugboat captain, and a son they named Delbay after their new home waters, have upgraded the house with insulation, sustainably harvested wood, geothermal heat, and a composting toilet to replace the septic system that could leak to the creek. It was where she thought she and Jesse would spend the rest of their lives …

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