Editorial: Wave of the future now – Pass electric vehicles bill

Electric car charger

NORTHJERSEY.COM – The 21st-century economy, along with public energy and our transportation infrastructure, will rely less and less on fossil fuels. Which is why it is vital, in densely populated, automobile-traffic-heavy New Jersey, that we begin the transition to cleaner, more sustainable fuels with all deliberate speed.

An electric cars incentives bill that has found traction in Trenton and could be passed and signed into law in coming days would set that process in motion and help New Jersey begin to move dramatically to reduce air pollution, including greenhouse gases, and combat climate change.

As environmental writer Scott Fallon of NorthJersey.com and the USA TODAY NETWORK New Jersey reports, the “electric vehicles” measure, in the works for some time, would expand the state’s network of charging stations and give motorists a substantial rebate on a purchase or lease …

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