Opinion: Hey, Murphy, where are all the environmental changes you promised?, Sierra Club asks

Murphy announces fracking ban

JEFF TITTEL / STAR-LEDGER – We are halfway through Gov. Phil Murphy’s term in office and he has failed to show leadership on many key issues. He puts out press releases and executive orders but doesn’t deliver on many of his promises. The administration hasn’t addressed the climate urgency or the impacts to our state. They have not repealed a single Christie-era rule or environmental rollback and many Christie appointees are still in the DEP. The administration hasn’t taken action when it comes to pollution in our waterways or lead in our drinking water. Two years in, Governor Murphy can no longer hide behind the fact that he is not Chris Christie.

There’s a big splash when Murphy comes out with a policy, but there’s no follow through. Over a year ago, he supported a fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin, but as chairman of the Delaware River Basin Commission he didn’t adopt a rule to do so …

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