Opinion: Barnegat Bay should be more than pretty backdrop for weddings

Barnegat Bay

JANET TAURO / APP.COM – All that glitters doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy.

Over the years, the views of Barnegat Bay have been magnificent with sun dappling off blue water, boat sails and swooping gulls. But underneath that beautiful surface, Barnegat Bay struggles for life.

This 64-mile estuary has withstood the ravages of overdevelopment in Ocean County, fertilizer and pesticide pollution, and thermal discharges from the defunct Oyster Creek nuclear plan.

Through decades of abuse, however, Barnegat Bay has chugged along. The Christie administration recognized the degradation and put together a 10-point plan to save the bay. But, it didn’t go far enough or fast enough to reverse the cumulative effects of persistent onslaughts and to stem future attacks …

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