Opinion: State Dems must show progressive stripes on LSP

Liberty State Park, 9-11 memorial

COLIN EGAN / JERSEY JOURNAL – Liberty State Park is more than “just” extraordinary open space; in many ways, it’s emblematic of who we are and what we stand for here in Jersey City and all New Jersey.

That’s something our political leadership has often not seemed to understand – but absolutely needs to now, for their sakes as well as everyone else’s.

Even before the park existed, the abandoned rail yards and rotting warehouses that stood where it eventually came to be — which in fact made up part of an unbroken line of decay from the tip of Bayonne all the way to the George Washington Bridge — were scars, seen as background in every photo of the Statue of Liberty, of a community that had given away our waterfront as the price for gaining promised benefits from industry, only to eventually lose that industry and be left with despoiled land and seemingly no hope …

Colin Egan is executive director of the Friends of the Loew’s.

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