Opinion: Time to develop and invest in a serious climate plan

Climate Strike, There is no planet B

DAVID VON DREHLE / WASHINGTON POST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY – It’s easy to poke fun at the elites of Davos, gathering by jet and limousine last week to discuss fossil-fuel dependence in the toasty glow of artificially heated buildings amid the bitter cold of a Swiss alpine January. Easy, too, to wonder why, if climate change is the crisis our time, Democrats on the campaign trail talk less about it than they talk about student loan debt.

These minor hypocrisies are more instructive than laughable, however, because they point to the heart of the climate problem. Energy consumption is not a compartment of modern life — it is modern life. Whether one travels by limo or rickshaw, there is no Davos without energy of some kind …

David Von Drehle is a Washington Post columnist.

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