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Climate Change

Beach replenishment

Opinion: Here’s how we can adapt to the rising sea along the New Jersey...

QIZHONG (GEORGE) GUO / STAR-LEDGER - In New Jersey’s effort to adapt to rising sea levels, we are facing infrastructure challenges on two fronts [go to article]

How is New Jersey protecting its coastline from flooding?

MARY ALICE WILLIAMS / NJTV NEWS - When it comes to shoring up the state against forces of nature unleashed by climate change, Superstorm Sandy [go to article]

NJ could need 2,700 miles of sea walls to defend against rising waters

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey would have to pay almost $25 billion to build almost 2,700 miles of seawalls to protect its coastal communities from anticipated sea-level rise by 2040 [go to article]
Electric car charger

Opinion: New Jersey needs more electric transit to fight climate change

BARBARA ROSEN and DEBRA COYLE McFADDEN / PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - Climate change is the greatest threat to public health of the 21st century [go to article]

Flesh-eating bacteria in New Jersey reveal one possible effect of climate change, study says

SUSAN SCUTTI / CNN - Climate change may lead to unlikely illnesses in unexpected places, new research suggests: In the past two years, five cases of Vibrio vulnificus [go to article]

Earth’s freshwater future: Extremes of flood and drought

ELLEN GRAY and JESSICA MERZDORF / NASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER - NASA satellites are a prominent tool for accounting for water, as it constantly cycles from water [go to article]

What will it take to get the state to 100% renewable energy?

MARY ALICE WILLIAMS / NJTV NEWS - With the state already starting to weather the effects of climate change — more intense storms, higher temperatures and rising seas [watch video]
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Climate change poses major risks to financial markets, regulator warns

CORAL DAVENPORT / NY TIMES - A top financial regulator is opening a public effort to highlight the risk that climate change poses to the nation’s financial markets [go to article]

How is climate change affecting New Jersey?

MARY ALICE WILLIAMS / NJTV NEWS - Climate change is real. It’s here. It’s caused by humans. That’s the conclusion of no less than three major scientific reports [go to article]

Dying from the heat can be reduced by dialing down emissions

JEREMY HODGES / BLOOMBERG - Capping global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) will save thousands of lives by reducing the frequency [go to article]

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