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Friday, December 14, 2018

Climate Change

Hoboken food, Sandy, new jersey

Opinion: Six things that will drastically change our lives in N.J. if we do...

ROBERT KOPP / STAR-LEDGER - On Black Friday, while many Americans were shopping or sleeping off Thanksgiving, the federal government released the second volume [go to article]
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As climate change sends fish to colder waters, some boats follow

AVALON ZOPPO / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Flipping through his captain’s log, Larry Colangelo looks at the water temperatures off Atlantic City’s coast this past summer [go to article]
Ghost forest, Delaware Bayshore, New Jersey

Old trees on the brink

FRANK KUMMER / PHILLY.COM - Dark water formed an eddy around Steve Eisenhauer’s boots as they sank into the muck at the base of a 90-foot blackgum tree [go to article]

News leaders call ‘climate’ top issue

CIVICSTORY - At the recent CivicStory forum on “News & Democracy”, the panel of multimedia journalists were in clear agreement on the single most important news story [watch video]
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The world still isn’t meeting its climate goals

BRAD PLUMER and NADJA POPOVICH / NY TIMES - Three years after nearly 200 countries signed a landmark climate agreement in Paris, they are still far off-track [go to article]
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Take a deep breath. Is New Jersey poised to cut back on CO2 pollution?

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Warning that it is time to get serious about climate change, lawmakers yesterday approved a bill to clamp down on pollutants [go to article]
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Opinion: As Congress tackles climate, markets are the engine but policies set the direction

BRIAN MURRAY / FORBES - As the 116th Congress nears its debut, efforts by both parties to pursue new climate and energy policies are afoot [go to article]
Hurricane Harvey, NASA, Hundson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

Where will climate change impact the US? Everywhere.

SCIENCE FRIDAY - Last week, the government issued Part II of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, a report describing how climate change [listen to audio]
Bound Brook flood, Hurricane Irene, new jersey

Flood policy standoff tests Democrats’ promise of climate action

CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE and DAVID SCHULTZ / BLOOMBERG - A Congressional deadlock over flood insurance highlights the difficulty of enacting [go to article]
Mendocino wildlife, California

Editorial: Climate change is real and it’s going to cost us billions

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - The White House thought people wouldn't notice a hair-raising climate-change report if it was released at 2 p.m. on Black Friday [go to article]

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