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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Climate Change

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With climate losses rising, central banks push greener finance

REED LANDBERG / BLOOMBERG - With insurers shouldering a record $160 billion in climate-related losses from last year alone, a group including 30 central banks [go to article]
Saltmarsh Sparrow, Cape May

Endangered sparrows are facing extinction with future sea-level rise

CHRISSY SEXTON / EARTH.COM - A new study from the Oxford University Press is warning that some species of sparrows will vanish before the end of this century [go to article]
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Climate change poses a threat to New Jersey’s cash crops

NEWS 12 NJ - While many enjoyed a relatively mild winter, warmer temperatures are making it harder to grow some popular crops in the Garden State [go to article]
Hazelnuts grown at Rutgers

How to protect our food from a crazy climate? Consider the hazelnut.

NATHANAEL JOHNSON / GRIST - In 2013, a cold snap in Ordu, Turkey, set off a chain-reaction that ended with terrible consequences for lovers of hazelnut chocolate [go to article]
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Trash once marred Jersey beaches, but today’s worry is climate change

DINO FLAMMIA / NJ 101.5 - Three miles of ocean beach closed. On the Jersey Shore, a summer to forget. Troubled times at the shore [go to article]
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The next reckoning: Capitalism and climate change

NATHANIEL RICH / NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE - The world’s most difficult problem has a solution so simple that it can be expressed in four words: Stop burning greenhouse gases [go to article]

Allergy season is getting longer and nastier each year

JASON DALEY / SMITHSONIAN - If you have seasonal allergies, you may have already suspected that allergy season is coming earlier, lasting longer and growing more severe [go to article]
Global warming model

Investors should worry if climate goals are missed, report warns

WLLIAM WILKES and CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE / BLOOMBERG - Investors be warned: If the planet heats up by more than two degrees, it’s going to get a lot harder to make money [go to article]
Repairing electric in PATH tunnel after Sandy

Opinion: Climate research needs to change to help communities plan for the future

ROBERT KOPP / THE CONVERSATION - Climate change is a chronic challenge – it is here now, and will be with us throughout this century and beyond [go to article]
new jersey environment news, stock market

BlackRock urges investors to rethink climate risk vulnerability

CHRIS SEEKINGS / THE ACTUARY - Investors are consistently underpricing the potential impacts of climate change on their assets, and need to reassess their vulnerability [go to article]

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