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Climate Change

Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

Despite Sandy, building in risky flood zones continues unabated

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Superstorm Sandy wiped out thousands of homes at the Jersey Shore, but the increasing threat of devastating coastal storms [go to article]
monarch butterflies, new jersey wildlife

Monarch butterfly migration was off this year and researchers are worried

JOE TREZZA / WASHINGTON POST - Thanksgiving was right around the corner, and a sizable number of one of America’s most famous migrants could be seen still sputtering [go to article]
fish market

The world is losing fish to eat as oceans warm, study finds

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS / NY TIMES - Fish populations are declining as oceans warm, putting a key source of food and income at risk for millions of people around the world [go to article]
heat wave, new jersey

The planet just had its hottest 4 years in recorded history. Trump is dismantling...

CHRIS MOONEY / WASHINGTON POST - 2017 was among the hottest years ever recorded, government scientists reported Thursday [go to article]
Grapes, wine, new jersey

How will climate change alter agriculture? Winemakers are finding out

ERIC ASIMOV /NY TIMES - Wine, which is among the most sensitive and nuanced of agricultural products, demonstrates how climate change is transforming [go to article]
new jersey environment news, air pollution

The next reckoning: Capitalism and climate change

NATHANIEL RICH / NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE - The world’s most difficult problem has a solution so simple that it can be expressed in four words: Stop burning greenhouse gases [go to article]

Lots of rain in 2018 made local rivers run high and fast. Will climate...

DANA BATE / WHYY - If you remember 2018 as being one rainstorm after the next, you aren’t far off [go to article]
Ponds on Arctic Ocean, NASA

Climate change is ravaging the Arctic, report finds

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS / NY TIMES - Temperatures in the Arctic region remained near record highs this year, according to a report issued [go to article]
climate change, UN

Why the post-Paris climate challenge is even harder than we thought

FRED PEARCE / YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 - Climate negotiators gathering in Germany [go to article]
Repairing electric in PATH tunnel after Sandy

Opinion: Climate research needs to change to help communities plan for the future

ROBERT KOPP / THE CONVERSATION - Climate change is a chronic challenge – it is here now, and will be with us throughout this century and beyond [go to article]

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