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Climate Change

Scientists push for a crash program to scrub carbon from the air

BRAD PLUMER / NY TIMES - With time running out to avoid dangerous global warming, the nation’s leading scientific body on Wednesday urged [go to article]
Hurricane graphic, NY Times

Is climate change making hurricanes worse? Yes, here’s why.

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS, NATALIE RENEAU and DREW JORDAN / NY TIMES - Rising ocean temperatures have fueled some of the most devastating storms in recent years [go to video]

In A.C., farmers talk climate change

AVALON ZOPPO / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - The predicted effects of a warming planet on Garden State farmers are grim: crop failures, plant diseases and an influx of pests [go to article]
sandy flood, new jersey, shore

Opinion: We can fight climate chaos from the Garden State

LENA SMITH / NJ SPOTLIGHT - If you’re still waiting for firm evidence of climate-change chaos, it’s all around us. There is a serious [go to article]
Flooded sign

Report: 9 New Jersey cities will be underwater by the end of the century

NEWS 12 NJ - A new study suggests that nine New Jersey cities will be almost entirely underwater and uninhabitable by the end of the 21st Century [go to article]
Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

Moving cars, canceling plans, taking risks – life in a flood zone

MICHELLE BRUNETTI POST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Andrea Palermo’s life has taken on the ups and downs of the tides she follows on her phone app [go to article]
jersey shore, new jersey environment

Climate change has already hit home prices, led by Jersey Shore

CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE / BLOOMBERG - Sea-level rise is already hitting home prices along the Atlantic Coast, new data shows – and nowhere harder [go to article]
Greenland Iceberg, climate

Greenland’s melting ice nears a ‘tipping point,’ scientists say

JOHN SCHWARTZ / NY TIMES - Greenland’s enormous ice sheet is melting at such an accelerated rate that it may have reached a “tipping point” and could become a major [go to article]
heat wave, new jersey

N.J. is one of the fastest warming states in the U.S. Here’s what that...

CARLA ASTUDILLO and MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - Rising seas, stronger storms and increased health risks [go to article]

NJ could need 2,700 miles of sea walls to defend against rising waters

JON HURDLE / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey would have to pay almost $25 billion to build almost 2,700 miles of seawalls to protect its coastal communities from anticipated sea-level rise by 2040 [go to article]

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