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Climate Change

Hurricane Florence’s rains may be 50% worse thanks to climate change

LAURA PARKER / NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - The catastrophic rains expected to accompany Hurricane Florence along the U.S. East Coast can be blamed [go to article]
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Debunking climate change myths: A Thanksgiving conversation guide

INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - Despite the unmistakable evidence that climate change is happening and that the effects we're already experiencing are mostly caused [go to article]
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Wind and solar power advance, but carbon refuses to retreat

EDUARDO PORTER / NY TIMES - Two decades have passed since diplomats from around the world emerged [go to article]
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Climate change will get worse. These investors are betting on it

CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE / BLOOMBERG - A top investment strategist for JPMorgan Asset Management sent a note to clients earlier this year with a dire forecast [go to article]
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Floods are getting worse, and 2,500 chemical sites lie in the water’s path

HIROKO TABUCHI, NADJA POPOVICH, BLACKI MIGLIOZZI and ANDREW W. LEHREN – Anchored in flood-prone areas in every American state are more than 2,500 sites [go to article]
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What you need to know about the latest U.N. climate change report

CAROL PETERS / RUTGERS TODAY - The United Nations scientific panel on climate change recently released a major report that examined the benefits [go to article]
Repairing electric in PATH tunnel after Sandy

Climate change’s giant impact on the economy: 4 key issues

NEIL IRWIN / NY TIMES - By now, it’s clear that climate change poses environmental risks beyond anything seen in the modern age. But we’re only starting to come to grips [go to article]
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New Jersey getting flooded, but many still ignore climate change

ANTHONY ADVINCULA / INQUIRER.NET - The water just kept rising. As the rain poured for hours and a nearby river swelled [go to article]

NJ may sign on with U.S. climate alliance to curb carbon pollution

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey may soon be joining an alliance to combat global warming, working cooperatively with 13 other states to achieve [go to article]

How climate change could affect your favorite New Jersey beer

JOE MARTUCCI / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Saturday is National Beer Day: a day to celebrate the suds we love. However, climate change threatens to flatten [go to article]

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