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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Climate Change

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Global sea levels could rise 8 feet by 2100, more in NJ, Rutgers study...

MICHELLE BRUNETTI POST / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - By the dawn of the next century, South Jersey’s barrier islands will pretty much disappear at high tide, based on data [go to article]
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New Jersey gets scorched by increasing number of extreme-heat days

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - If it seems as if summers are getting hotter, they are — at least from the perspective of more days when [go to article]

U.S. carbon emissions surged in 2018 even as coal plants closed

BRAD PLUMER / NY TIMES - America’s carbon dioxide emissions rose by 3.4 percent in 2018, the biggest increase in eight years, according to a preliminary estimate [go to article]
Mantoloking Sandy damage

FEMA flood maps ignore climate change, and homeowners are paying the price

JAMES BRUGGERS / INSIDECLIMATE NEWS - The official map laid it out for more than 200 homes within the community of Mexico Beach, Florida: the federal [go to article]

West Nile Virus: How climate change may be contributing to its spread

BRUCE Y. LEE / FORBES - Here's something else that may suck more because of climate change: mosquitoes. And when mosquitoes suck more they may be more likely [go to article]

2°C: Beyond the limit

STEVEN MUFSON, CHRIS MOONEY, JULIET EILPERIN, and JOHN MUYSKENS / WASHINGTON POST - Before climate change thawed the winters of New Jersey, this lake hosted boisterous wintertime carnivals. As many as 15,000 skaters [go to article]
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The world is losing fish to eat as oceans warm, study finds

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS / NY TIMES - Fish populations are declining as oceans warm, putting a key source of food and income at risk for millions of people around the world [go to article]
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Climate change predicted to cause increase in Lyme disease

KRISTEN DALLI / CONSUMER AFFAIRS - In recent years, cases of Lyme disease have been on the rise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [go to article]
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How cities can protect poor people and minorities from climate change

NATALIE DELGADILLO / GOVERNING - When environmental disasters strike, low-income people and minorities are hit hardest. Not just because [go to article]
Climate change talks COP 24 Poland

The Paris Accord promised a climate solution. Here’s where we are now.

SOMINI SENGUPTA / NY TIMES - World leaders struck an agreement three years ago in Paris to avert the worst effects of climate change, accepting not only that greenhouse [go to article]

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