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Climate Change

Red Knot banding, New Jersey wildlife

Climate change is becoming a top threat to biodiversity

CHELSEA HARVEY / E&E NEWS / SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN - Climate change will be the fastest-growing cause of species loss in the Americas by midcentury [go to article]
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Cutting greenhouse gas emissions would help thwart threat from rising seas

CLAIMS JOURNAL - Coastal cities worldwide would face a reduced threat from sea level rise if society reduced greenhouse gas emissions, with especially significant benefits [go to article]

Greenhouse gas emissions rose last year. Here are the top 5 reasons.

BRAD PLUMER / NEW YORK TIMES - If the world wants to avoid drastic global warming this century, we’ll need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions sharply [go to article]
arctic melt, climate change, NASA

Arctic sea ice missed a record low this winter. Barely.

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS, NADJA POPOVICH and ADAM PEARCE / NEW YORK TIMES - Arctic sea ice behaves a bit like a human waistline, packing on weight in the winter [go to article]
Snowstorm in New Jersey

Climate change could be fueling strength of back-to-back nor’easters

LYDIA O'CONNOR / HUFFINGTON POST - Tuesday may be the first official day of spring, but much of the East coast is still in the depths of winter. In the following days [go to article]
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To move Paris accord forward, bring cities and companies on board

DANIEL C. ESTY and ​PETER BOYD / YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 - Reaching the goals set out in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change depends in large part on the leadership [go to article]
superstorm sandy, coastal flooding, jersey shore

Stark differences in climate impacts between 1.5 and 2 degrees of warming

YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 - A difference of just half a degree of global warming, from 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, would mean that an additional 5 million people worldwide [go to article]
new jersey snow storm

Bomb cyclones, nor’easters and the messy relationship between weather and climate

CAROLYN KORMANN / NEW YORKER - After three frigid nor’easters in less than two weeks, even the most devout prophet of climate change could be forgiven [go to article]
Temperature map

Where are America’s winters warming the most? In cold places.

NADJA POPOVICH and BLACKI MIGLIOZZI / NEW YORK TIMES - Winters in the United States have gotten warmer in the past 30 years, and some of the coldest parts [go to article]
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FEMA strips mention of ‘climate change’ from its strategic plan

CHRISTOPHER FLAVELLE / BLOOMBERG - The Federal Emergency Management Agency, responsible for dealing with the effects of disasters like hurricanes and floods [go to article]

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