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Climate Change


UN climate talks in Madrid ended without resolving their toughest issue

UMAIR IRFAN / VOX - An exhausting international negotiation session on climate change concluded Sunday with an agreement [go to article]

Scientists feared unstoppable emissions from melting permafrost. They may have already started.

BRIAN RESNICK / VOX - Every year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration releases an Arctic Report Card [go to article]
Flood damage, Mantoloking after Hurricane Sandy

Bad news for N.J.: ‘Dramatic’ sea level rise expected, plus more flooding and stronger...

MICHAEL SOL WARREN / NJ.COM - New Jersey is projected to experience “dramatic” sea level rise through the rest of this century [go to article]
Students protest climate change

This was the decade climate change slapped us in the face

JUSTINE CALMA / THE VERGE - It was springtime at the start of a new decade when a series of explosions brought down the Deepwater Horizon [go to article]
Lone Star tick

Lone star ticks expand range deeper into NJ, bringing risk of new diseases

AMANDA OGLESBY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Lone star ticks, carriers of diseases that can sicken humans, are expanding their range in New Jersey [go to article]
Ponds on Arctic Ocean, NASA

Climate change is ravaging the Arctic, report finds

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS / NY TIMES - Temperatures in the Arctic region remained near record highs this year, according to a report issued [go to article]
Damsel fish and coral reef

World’s oceans are losing oxygen rapidly, study finds

KENDRA PIERRE-LOUIS / NY TIMES - The world’s oceans are gasping for breath, a report issued Saturday at the annual global climate [go to article]

As climate change worsens, a cascade of tipping points looms

FRED PEARCE / YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 - Some of the most alarming science surrounding climate change is the discovery [go to article]
children play in floodwaters, Indonesia

Climate change is accelerating: ‘Things are getting worse’

HENRY FOUNTAIN / NY TIMES - More devastating fires in California. Persistent drought in the Southwest. Record flooding [go to article]
Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

NJ gets D- rating in climate change report

AMANDA OGLESBY / APP.COM - New Jersey is known for its popular beaches and seaside living, but the state received a D- grade when rated [go to article]

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