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Climate Change

New Jersey Environment News, climate change, Seaside, Jersey Shore

#Sandy5: Will the nation act on climate change reality?

SHANA UDVARDY / UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS - The 29th of October marks the 5-year anniversary of when Hurricane Sandy first made landfall [go to article]

Why isn’t the bond market more worried about climate change?

HENRY GRABAR / SLATE - Early this month, when the annual king tide swept ocean water into the streets of Miami, the city’s Republican mayor [go to article]
shellfish, ocean acidification

Ocean acidification is deadly threat to marine life, finds eight-year study

FIONA HARVEY / THE GUARDIAN - If the outlook for marine life was already looking bleak – torrents of plastic that can suffocate [go to article]
heat wave, new jersey

New Jersey gets scorched by increasing number of extreme-heat days

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - If it seems as if summers are getting hotter, they are — at least from the perspective of more days when [go to article]
Hoboken food, Sandy, new jersey

How cities can protect poor people and minorities from climate change

NATALIE DELGADILLO / GOVERNING - When environmental disasters strike, low-income people and minorities are hit hardest. Not just because [go to article]
trump, pruitt, new jersey environment news

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump further endanger the planet

AMY DAVIDSON SORKIN / THE NEW YORKER - On September 20th, in New York, while the United Nations General Assembly was in session [go to article]
Hurricane Harvey, NASA, Hundson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

Opinion: Capt. Trump steers smack into the climate storm

TOM MORAN / STAR-LEDGER - It may seem precious to discuss a slow-motion crisis like climate change when the Republican chairman [go to article]
new jersey environment news, Trump

As Trump retreats, states are stepping up on climate action

ELIZABETH SHOGREN / YALE ENVIRONMENT 360 - Just hours after President Trump’s Rose Garden speech in June announcing plans to withdraw from the 2015 Paris [go to article]
New Jersey Environment News, climate change, Seaside, Jersey Shore

Opinion: Sink or swim? Time for serious action on climate in NJ

DAN FATTON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The latest hurricane disasters are yet another wake-up call. Climate change is happening [go to article]
Hudson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

Editorial: The climate is changing. So must architecture.

NED CRAMER / ARCHITECT - Climate change is the fundamental design problem of our time. Not style, not fees, not education [go to article]

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