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Monday, April 23, 2018


Ocean City flooded by winter storm, jersey shore

Editorial: Focus on sea-level rise will help hot-spot South Jersey respond

W.F. KEOUGH / PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - The polar ice cap is melting, our ocean is expanding and New Jersey is sinking [go to article]
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Opinion: A clarion call – Earth Day spirit found in everyday North Jersey environmental...

DOUG O'MALLEY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Celebrating Earth Day has increasingly become part of the welcome rituals of spring, but as we march towards its 50th anniversary [go to article]
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Opinion: Earth Day started as political movement to save the planet from men like...

JEFF TITTEL / STAR-LEDGER - This year will be the most important Earth Day since the first one. All the progress we have made in the past 48 years [go to article]
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Opinion: I fought ExxonMobil to pay billions in damage repair. And Murphy sided with...

RAYMOND LESNIAK / STAR-LEDGER - Why did the Murphy administration side with ExxonMobil? That's the head scratcher. The public is very upset [go to article]
Murphy announces fracking ban

Opinion: Full fracking ban within Murphy’s grasp

SCOTT EDWARDS / APP.COM - After years of organizing by grassroots groups across the region, a ban on fracking in the Delaware River basin could finally be within reach [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Opinion: Give Oyster Creek an autopsy before decommissioning

JANET TAURO / APP.COM - As the country’s nuclear fleet gradually retires, the next task for the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission will evolve from overseeing [go to article]
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Opinion: Saving New Jersey’s nuclear plants came at a hefty price

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER / FORBES - New Jersey’s passage Thursday of legislation to prevent the premature closure of the state’s nuclear plants is another crucial [go to article]
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Opinion: Selling out the Meadowlands, and selling Jersey’s soul

BRUCE LOWRY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The question is why. Why must it all be for sale? New Jersey’s waterways, its air [go to article]
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Opinion: Catapulting New Jersey into the clean energy future

DALE BRYK / NRDC - The New Jersey legislature is about to lay the foundation for the thriving clean energy economy that Governor Murphy envisioned in this campaign promise [go to article]
Salem nuclear power plant, new jersey

Editorial: Will Murphy save us from PSEG’s outrageous nuke subsidy?

TOM MORAN / STAR-LEDGER - Gov. Phil Murphy will soon receive his first truly awful bill from the Legislature, a rush job that provides for a subsidy of $300 million a year [go to article]

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