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RGGI new jersey

Opinion: New Jersey in RGGI is boon for people — and business

RICHARD LAWTON / ROI-NJ - Business leaders disagree on whether New Jersey should rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative or not. The source of this disagreement [go to article]
Vernon NJ residential dump

Editorial: They’re talking solid waste in Trenton today. They should discuss local dumps in...

STAR-LEDGER - There is a 75-foot pile of dirt mixed with construction garbage slouched across a residential two-acre plot in Vernon in Sussex County. The townsfolk fear [go to article]
nj environment news, bald eagle

NJ’s bald eagles are making a comeback with help from conservationists

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Bald eagles are New Jersey’s early birds. In the chill of winter, they’re the first to build nests [go to article]
Belmar flooded by Hurricane Sandy

Editorial: Shore towns should look at greener solutions to climate change challenges

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Egg Harbor Township has applied for a federal grant of $2.4 million to tear down four eyesore motels in West Atlantic City as a way to mitigate flooding [go to article]
bioswale, green infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is coming of age, and it’s time to demystify it.

DONNA LIU / CIVICSTORY - If—like me—you don’t know the meaning of the word “bioswale”, then we’re in the company of legions of average citizens who might [go to article]
new jersey solar power, wind energy

A ‘Green New Deal’ sounds like pie in the sky. But we need it.

EUGENE ROBINSON / WASHINGTON POST - Let’s consider some real news, for a change: Last year was officially proclaimed the fourth-warmest on record; scientists predict [go to article]

Editorial: Infrastructure bill is not a ‘rain tax’

ASBURY PARK PRESS - Gaining public support for infrastructure projects is often a fool’s errand. Taxpayers, particularly in heavily taxed [go to article]
oil in water, pollution

Opinion: New utilities would help NJ fight flooding and pollution

JOHN A. THONET and STEPHEN J. SOUZA / NJ SPOTLIGHT - 2018 will be one of the wettest years on record for the Garden State, and all that rain has resulted [go to article]

Opinion: Ban fracking waste anywhere in New Jersey

JUNIOR ROMERO / APP.COM - Gov, Phil Murphy’s call for a ban on fracking and the dumping of fracking waste in the Delaware River basin is a bold move to protect [go to article]
Camden, New Jersey

Opinion: Environmental truth, justice and the American way

ALBERT B. KELLY / NJ.COM - The phrase “environmental justice” is one that I imagine half the public dismisses with a roll of the eyes. Many people have concluded it’s just [go to article]

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