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Friday, April 19, 2019


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Opinion: New Jersey needs to pull pension money from polluters

KEVIN J. ROONEY / TAPINTO.NET - Imagine if a big oil company controlled by a foreign government used clever lawyering to dodge its share of the cost of cleaning up [go to article]
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Editorial: NJ leaves ratepayers out of nuclear subsidy deal

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY- The months-long effort to provide New Jersey’s three nuclear power plants with an operating subsidy has morphed into a political deal [go to article]
fresh water

Opinion: Major investments, far better planning needed to clean up water in NJ

DANIEL J. VAN ABS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey faces the same issues as many other developed areas. We built in places that seemed to make sense at the time [go to article]
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Editorial: On climate science, automakers say April Fool’s

STAR-LEDGER - Car salesmen get the bad rap, but the slickest spiel these days is coming from car makers - who preach social responsibility on climate change for good publicity [go to article]
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Opinion: Saving New Jersey’s nuclear plants came at a hefty price

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER / FORBES - New Jersey’s passage Thursday of legislation to prevent the premature closure of the state’s nuclear plants is another crucial [go to article]
new jersey environment, shore, wildlife

Editorial: ‘Yes’ to Monmouth open space question

APP.COM - In addition to the Nov. 7 statewide ballot questions, Monmouth County voters will be asked to approve an open space bond [go to article]
Jersey City waterfront, Hudson River

Opinion: A utility will help pay for and control stormwater and pollution – a...

STEVE FULOP / NJ.COM - As the mayor of a big city, people often ask me about our biggest challenges. The truth is there are many day-to-day challenges from balancing [go to article]
Bound Brook flood, Hurricane Irene, new jersey

Opinion: NJ shouldn’t wait for federal funds before reducing flood damages

DANIEL J. VAN ABS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey has been the victim of many catastrophic floods over the years, in the Passaic, Raritan, Hackensack, and Delaware river [go to article]
Wind turbines in fog

Opinion: Sorry, coal. Sorry, nukes. You just can’t compete with offshore wind power.

TINA CASEY / RED, GREEN AND BLUE -If the latest news out of the US Department of Energy is any indication, the Trump Administration’s newest stratagem [go to article]
new jersey oil refinery

Editorial: Vote yes on ballot question #2, the lockbox for enviro funds

STAR-LEDGER - The concept is simple: When polluters destroy your neighborhood, the fines they pay in settlements should go toward restoring your [go to article]

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