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electric vehicle charging station

Opinion: It’s New Jersey’s turn to electrify its buses and cars

VERLINA REYNOLDS-JACKSON / STAR-LEDGER - While thousands of New Jerseyan’s rely on public transit buses to get to work or run errands, there is a dirty [go to article]
deer, wildlife, new jersey environment news

Opinion: Deer hunting is a necessary evil for deer and people

CHRISTOPHER DOLCE / NORTHJERSEY.COM - As we go about our busy lives, the sight of deer dashing in between cars on a busy roadway is a sight [go to article]
Salem nuclear power plant, new jersey

Editorial: Nuke subsidies need greater scrutiny

MYCENTRALJERSEY.COM - PSEG Nuclear has stepped up as the first – only? – company to apply for hundreds of millions of dollars in annual subsidies [go to article]

Opinion: Say ‘no’ to diverting Liberty Park land for golf course

GREG REMAUD / NORTHJERSEY.COM - New Jersey politics can convert almost anything related to public tax dollars into private sweetheart deals via campaign contributions [go to articles]
gas pipeline, new jersey environment

Opinion: It’s time for a moratorium on all fossil fuel projects in New Jersey

R. WILLIAM POTTER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - For anyone even remotely concerned with the clear and present dangers of global warming and climate change — catastrophic sea-level rise [go to article]
nj environment news, solar energy

Op-ed: Support homegrown solar energy this session

ANNE HOSKINS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Last week, Exelon announced plans to shutter Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant a full year in advance of the date mandated by law [go to article]
lead poisoning, paint, new jersey environment

Opinion: Lead dust is poisoning our children, community group says

MARTY JOHNSON and ELYSE PIVNICK / STAR-LEDGER - Governor Phil Murphy has announced a $500 million state investment to eliminate lead from water lines [go to article]
new jersey environment, penneast pipeline

Opinion: In PennEast decision, the game is rigged

MICHAEL HEFFLER / NJ ENVIRONMENT NEWS - In New Jersey we use natural gas to fuel our power plants, heat our homes, fuel our generators when the power grid fails, heat our stoves, and even to run [go to article]
Electric cars charging

Opinion: Murphy is in driver’s seat to make N.J. electric-car friendly

DAN FATTON and RAY GREAVES / NJ.COM - New Jersey is the most densely populated state and one of the largest automobile markets in the country [go to article]

Editorial: The war on coal has ended. Now comes the war on breathable air.

STAR-LEDGER - In a blowtorched American summer that now seems to be the new normal, we have experienced record-shattering heatwaves from L.A. [go to article]

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