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solar, wind energy

Op-ed: There’s an affordable path to clean energy for New Jersey

ANDREW ZWICKER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Sometimes, the way forward becomes incredibly clear. That's how I felt sitting in the audience as the New Jersey Conservation Foundation [go to article]
Algae, cyanobacteria

Opinion: We’ve got 6 months to stop another onslaught of harmful algae blooms in...

GEOFFREY GOLL / STAR-LEDGER - Now that fall is here, temperatures are cooler and the toxic algae outbreaks, harmful algae blooms, known as HABs [go to article]
Liberty state park, golf course and Craven Point

Opinion: Why won’t the state Legislature protect the birds of Caven Point?

MIKE KELLY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Caven Point in Jersey City will never win awards for beautiful architecture. But that’s the way it’s supposed to be [go to article]
Salem nuclear power plant, new jersey

Opinion: Paying to preserve our nuclear plants is money well spent, legislator says

TROY SINGLETON / STAR-LEDGER - Last April, I was proud to be part of a bipartisan coalition of state legislators who started New Jersey on the path toward a clean [go to article]
electric vehicle charging station

Opinion: It’s New Jersey’s turn to electrify its buses and cars

VERLINA REYNOLDS-JACKSON / STAR-LEDGER - While thousands of New Jerseyan’s rely on public transit buses to get to work or run errands, there is a dirty [go to article]
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Opinion: How nuclear plants are gaming climate-change rules

TRAVIS KAVULLA / POLITICO - Climate change is underway—and with the U.S. government mostly sitting on its hands when it comes to climate policy, states [go to article]
Farm on Delaware River, Warren County, NJ

Opinion: Environmental protection argument has major disparity

SHARON FURLONG / BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES - It is an often-heard refrain when talking about environmental protection, “But what about the jobs lost?” [go to article]
Governor Phil Murphy

Editorial: Murphy kept his promise to restore the Pinelands Commission

STAR-LEDGER - There is no more important environmental planning board in our state than the Pinelands Commission. Its 15 members are responsible for the stewardship [go to article]
nj environment news, solar energy

Op-ed: Support homegrown solar energy this session

ANNE HOSKINS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Last week, Exelon announced plans to shutter Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant a full year in advance of the date mandated by law [go to article]
Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey

Editorial: Christie should fight hard to keep drilling ban

SOUTH JERSEY TIMES - With less than a week to go in office and part of his legacy on the line, Gov. Chris Christie has called out President Donald Trump over his administration's [go to article]

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