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Murphy announces fracking ban

Opinion: Time for a full fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin

ROB FRIEDMAN / NRDC - Today marks the conclusion of a four-month long comment period on proposed fracking regulations in the Delaware River Basin [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Editorial: See if aging N.J. energy plants can inherit the wind

SOUTH JERSEY TIMES - Do the leaders of Europe’s offshore energy companies know something that we don’t about New Jersey’s outdated electricity generating plants [go to article]
new jersey environment, pollution, epa, superfund

Opinion: New Jersey needs to pull pension money from polluters

KEVIN J. ROONEY / TAPINTO.NET - Imagine if a big oil company controlled by a foreign government used clever lawyering to dodge its share of the cost of cleaning up [go to article]
Hurricane Harvey, NASA, Hundson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

Opinion: Extreme hurricanes highlight concerns about climate change

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - With two months to go, the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has made history [go to article]
jersey shore dunes, new jersey environment

Gov. Kean: Rethinking the Jersey Shore’s future in an age of climate change

THOMAS H. KEAN and PETER KASABACH / STAR-LEDGER - The 2017 hurricane season has already brought the U.S. three devastating storms [go to article]
Exxon sign, nj environment news

Editorial: Pollution settlement money can still be poorly spent

ASBURY PARK PRESS - Former Gov. Chris Christie made a habit of taking money from pollution settlements and using it to paper over budget holes [go to article]
black bear

Editorial: Give limited bear-hunt ban a chance

NORTHJERSEY.COM - New Jersey’s upcoming six-day bear hunt beginning Dec. 3 will not allow hunting on state land, thanks to an appellate court ruling [go to article]
Liberty state park, golf course and Craven Point

Opinion: Why won’t the state Legislature protect the birds of Caven Point?

MIKE KELLY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Caven Point in Jersey City will never win awards for beautiful architecture. But that’s the way it’s supposed to be [go to article]
Makepeace Lake, Pinelands

Editorial: N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy should get on with protecting the Pinelands

THE INQUIRER - New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy appointed two environmentalists to the long-troubled Pinelands Commission this month. The move could be a sign [go to article]
Sheppard Pond, New Jersey Highlands

Opinion: Science won the day in defeating Highlands rule

CINDY EHRENCLOU / RARITAN HEADWATERS ASSOCIATION - Clean water in the Highlands won an enormous victory on Jan. 8, when the state Legislature invalidated a state [go to article]

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