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heat wave, new jersey

Editorial: Ground zero for climate change – New Jersey

STAR-LEDGER - July was the hottest month since they began keeping records at the dawn of the industrial emissions era, and we see the dire consequences every day [go to article]
Solar installation on commercial rooftop in Secaucus NJ

Editorial: Murphy’s helpful community solar initiative seconded by installers

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Residents and businesses in New Jersey have paid $2.8 billion in subsidies to companies that install solar energy panels [go to article]
Offshore oil drilling rig

Editorial: Stand up to Trump: No oil drilling off N.J.’s coast

STAR-LEDGER - This is an era of abundant energy and growing environmental risks, so the Trump Administration - which has mastered the dark art of compromising [go to article]
bioswale, green infrastructure

Green Infrastructure is coming of age, and it’s time to demystify it.

DONNA LIU / CIVICSTORY - If—like me—you don’t know the meaning of the word “bioswale”, then we’re in the company of legions of average citizens who might [go to article]
Murphy announces fracking ban

Opinion: Time for a full fracking ban in the Delaware River Basin

ROB FRIEDMAN / NRDC - Today marks the conclusion of a four-month long comment period on proposed fracking regulations in the Delaware River Basin [go to article]
pumping gas in car at gas station

Opinion: If N.J. should divest from guns, why not from fossil fuels?

TINA WEISHAUS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - I applaud the recent support by Gov. Phil Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney for divesting the New Jersey public pension [go to article]
Sheppard Pond, New Jersey Highlands

Opinion: Science won the day in defeating Highlands rule

CINDY EHRENCLOU / RARITAN HEADWATERS ASSOCIATION - Clean water in the Highlands won an enormous victory on Jan. 8, when the state Legislature invalidated a state [go to article]
new jersey environment news, climate change

Opinion: Environmental justice is key aspect of climate-change policy

NICKY SHEATS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has produced evidence that suggests [go to article]
Governor Phil Murphy

Editorial: Murphy should veto nuclear subsidies bill

APP.COM - Remember all of that money that may soon be coming out of our pockets to prop up New Jersey’s nuclear industry? [go to article]
Makepeace Lake, Pinelands

Editorial: Murphy must appoint new Pinelands leadership

STAR-LEDGER - For too long, the Pinelands Commission has been manipulated like a political puppet show, a lamentable arrangement for a panel responsible [go to article]

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