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Liberty state park, golf course and Craven Point

Opinion: Why won’t the state Legislature protect the birds of Caven Point?

MIKE KELLY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - Caven Point in Jersey City will never win awards for beautiful architecture. But that’s the way it’s supposed to be [go to article]
Salt truck

Editorial: NJ has an unhealthy reliance on road salt. It is time to address...

NORTHJERSEY.COM - Medical professionals tell us that too much salt in the diet is bad for our health. And now scientists are telling us, with a growing sense [go to article]
Baraka and Murphy

Opinion: Newark will become a model city for eradicating lead threat in water

MARK DI IONNO / STAR-LEDGER - Here is a headline we have yet to see: “Newark becomes model city for eradicating lead threat in water” [go to article]

Opinion: Live in Newark and want to make sure your water is safe? Here’s...

YVETTE JORDAN / STAR-LEDGER - The greatest gift Newark families could have received this past holiday season was safe drinking water. Unfortunately, due [go to article]
Solar panels, ACUA, Atlantic City

Editorial: Community solar starts strong in SJ, encouraging others to apply

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Community solar projects – which let residents, organizations and businesses share in the benefits of a large local project [go to article]
Raritan Bay Williams Transco pipeline

Opinion: Stop the Williams pipeline and the dumping of toxic waste

MARISA GUERRERO / NRDC - It is no secret that the Williams Pipeline – a proposed 26-inch diameter pipeline that would transport fracked natural gas [go to article]
Electric car charger

Editorial: Wave of the future now – Pass electric vehicles bill

NORTHJERSEY.COM - The 21st-century economy, along with public energy and our transportation infrastructure, will rely less and less on fossil fuels [go to article]
plastic bags

Opinion: Get on board the plastics ban but give businesses a hand

ANNECY SCHIFFER / NJ ENVIRONMENT NEWS - Many people are aware of the impacts of plastic as a physical nuisance that clogs waterways, but few realize [go to article]

Commentary: By turning to clean energy, we can fight the health impacts of climate...

NANCY GRIFFETH and VALERIE GRIFFETH / STAR-LEDGER - The two leading causes of death in New Jersey are heart disease and cancer, conditions made worse [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Commentary: One year after Oyster Creek shutdown, 3.1M tons of new carbon emissions

CAROL M. BROWNER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Since the Oyster Creek nuclear plant closed its doors in September 2018, grid operators turned to power plants [go to article]

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