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Wind energy turbine construction workers

Opinion: We can grow a robust green economy

MATT POLSKY / NJ ENVIRONMENT NEWS - I recently collaborated with students in my Sustainable Economics course at Ramapo College to write a proposal [go to article]
pumping gas in car at gas station

NJ Audubon: Let’s fix the federal ethanol mandate

NJ AUDUBON - In the wake of two rounds of back-to-back coastal flooding events, caused by Winter Storms Riley and Quinn, New Jersey Audubon is strongly supporting [go to article]

3,000 birds and counting for ‘bluebird grandfather’

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJCF - Bluebirds have been a symbol of happiness for thousands of years and across many cultures. With their brilliant blue plumage and flash of red [go to article]
Wind energy

Commentary: The public health benefits of adding offshore wind to the grid

JONATHAN BUONOCORE / THE CONVERSATION - New plans to build two commercial offshore wind farms near the Massachusetts and Rhode Island coasts [go to article]
Six Flags Great Adventure

Persistence pays off in Six Flags fight

JANET TAURO / APP.COM - The late, great former Gov. Brendan Byrne, a Pinelands champion, had a saying for those who fought for the environment, “It’s a battle everyday!” [go to article]

Opinion: Insect decline worries scientists

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, insects are the least loved [go to article]
Plastic bag in lake

Opinion: Ban (or tax) single-use plastic bags

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Look around and you’ll see plastic bags everywhere: tumbling along roads, washed up on beaches, caught in tree branches [go to article]
solar, wind energy

Op-ed: There’s an affordable path to clean energy for New Jersey

ANDREW ZWICKER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Sometimes, the way forward becomes incredibly clear. That's how I felt sitting in the audience as the New Jersey Conservation Foundation [go to article]
Hackensack River, NJ Environment News

Editorial: Hackensack River – a simmering toxic stew

NORTHJERSEY.COM - The Hackensack River is a toxic stew, having been savagely polluted for several decades. An Environmental Protection Agency sampling in recent years [go to article]
Penneast pipeline, new jersey environment news

Opinion: Don’t let PennEast fool N.J. into thinking gas pipelines are needed

JEFFREY R. SHAFER / STAR-LEDGER - PennEast tells New Jersey energy consumers (in other words, everyone in the state) that we need a new gas pipeline [go to article]

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