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multiflora rose, invasive species, NJ environment

Ten years of nipping invasive species in the bud

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ HERALD - Do you have Japanese angelica, Siebold's viburnum or trifolate orange in your yard? If so, they can spell trouble [go to article]
Salem nuclear power plant, new jersey

Opinion: Battle lines of PSEG debate stark, telling

MATT FOSSEN / APP.COM - As New Jersey continues to hear debate around the nuclear bailout proposal for PSEG, it’s clear that neither side of the issue is backing down [go to article]
new jersey environment, delaware river

Opinion: Stop the importation of toxic water

JAN FILIOS / THE INTELLIGENCER - If you could exert influence to protect your drinking water from potential carcinogens, neurotoxins and radioactive materials, would you take [go to article]
nj environment news, cars in traffic

Editorial: On climate science, automakers say April Fool’s

STAR-LEDGER - Car salesmen get the bad rap, but the slickest spiel these days is coming from car makers - who preach social responsibility on climate change for good publicity [go to article]
offshore wind energy, new jersey environment news

Commentary: New Jersey’s offshore wind industry might not be dead after all

TINA CASEY / CLEAN TECHNICA - If you can’t make the connection between New Jersey and offshore wind farms, there’s a good reason for that. A few years ago, New Jersey [go to article]
new jersey environment, delaware river

Audubon: $5 million in funding is a victory for the Delaware Watershed

NJ AUDUBON - The Delaware River Basin Restoration Program (DRBRP) received $5 million in funding as part of the Fiscal Year 2018 Omnibus spending package [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Opinion: Nuclear power in New Jersey – too big to fail?

AL CAVALLO / CENTRALJERSEY.COM - Most New Jersey residents would probably be surprised to learn that nearly 40 percent of the electricity they use comes from nuclear [go to article]
solar field, New Jersey, energy

Opinion: Legislature must act to save solar industry

ABIGAIL ROSS HOPPER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The debate on New Jersey’s energy bills has largely been focused on the controversy surrounding nuclear issues [go to article]
Murphy announces fracking ban

Opinion: Sweeney stands in way of Murphy’s clean-energy agenda

JOCELYN SAWYER / BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES - During his successful campaign for governor, Phil Murphy made a range of bold environmental promises for the post-Christie era [go to article]
pipeline, new jersey environment news

Opinion: If the Pilgrim Pipeline is dead, why is it still lobbying in New...

EREK SEIDMAN / LITTLESIS.ORG - The Pilgrim Pipeline – a proposed 178-mile double pipeline that would run underground from Albany, New York to Linden, New Jersey [go to article]

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