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pipeline, new jersey environment news

Opinion: NJ will gain nothing from PennEast pipeline

MICHELE S. BYERS / DAILY RECORD - There’s been lots in the news lately about proposed new natural gas pipelines. And you’ve probably noticed serious [go to article]
superstorm Sandy, nasa, new jersey

Feds not needed to combat climate change

MICHAEL BLOOMBERG / APP.COM - As a former mayor of New York, I don’t often weigh in on events in New Jersey. But as someone who’s active [go to article]
Round Valley Reservoir, new jersey

Opinion: NJ’s water needs could decrease despite 10.4m residents by 2040

DANIEL J. VAN ABS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey's three transportation Metropolitan Planning Organizations project an 18 percent increase in population [go to article]
offshore oil drilling platforms

Editorial: Stop offshore drilling by making New Jersey and Delaware ugly for oil

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - New Jersey and Delaware know full well the dangers of President Trump’s reckless plans to open their coasts to offshore oil [go to article]
Superfund sign

Opinion: Americans need a real Superfund policy, not symbolism

ELGIE HOLSTEIN / WASHINGTON POST - Because more than 50 million Americans live near toxic Superfund sites, it would be a very positive development [go to article]
solar, wind energy

Op-ed: There’s an affordable path to clean energy for New Jersey

ANDREW ZWICKER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Sometimes, the way forward becomes incredibly clear. That's how I felt sitting in the audience as the New Jersey Conservation Foundation [go to article]
Wind energy

Opinion: Turning a mandate on clean energy into action

ALANNA JAMIESON / HUDSON REPORTER - The new governor of New Jersey has a mandate to speed up our state’s shift to clean, renewable, homegrown energy [go to article]
Six Flags Great Adventure

Persistence pays off in Six Flags fight

JANET TAURO / APP.COM - The late, great former Gov. Brendan Byrne, a Pinelands champion, had a saying for those who fought for the environment, “It’s a battle everyday!” [go to article]
NJ Environment News, Murphy

Opinion: Murphy’s political climate change on environment

HARRIET SHUGARMAN and ALLAN MARGOLIN / NORTHJERSEY.COM - During his inaugural speech, Gov. Phil Murphy said, “A stronger and fairer New Jersey [go to article]
Exxon sign, nj environment news

Opinion: ExxonMobil, other known polluters should pay for climate damage

KEN ADAMS and RICHARD WILES / STAR-LEDGER - The bills for climate change are coming due sooner than expected, with damages mounting from hurricanes [go to article]

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