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pipeline, new jersey environment news

Opinion: NJ will gain nothing from PennEast pipeline

MICHELE S. BYERS / DAILY RECORD - There’s been lots in the news lately about proposed new natural gas pipelines. And you’ve probably noticed serious [go to article]
Murphy announces fracking ban

Editorial: Murphy’s 180-degree turn on environment

ASBURY PARK PRESS - For eight years, New Jersey sat on the environmental sidelines, unable to show any leadership in promoting clean energy and combating climate [go to article]
Hurricane Harvey, NASA, Hundson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

Editorial: Harvey climate deniers take a page from Big Tobacco

STAR-LEDGER - Harvey is precisely the kind of weather event that scientists have been predicting climate change would give us, a monster hurricane [go to article]
offshore oil drilling platforms

Editorial: No drilling off the Jersey Shore

NORTHJERSEY.COM - The environmental advocacy corps in New Jersey is a strong one, with a long tradition and lots of training and experience in fighting [go to article]
offshore wind turbine installation

Editorial: Murphy gets state, fishing industry more time for wind energy plan

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - New Jersey under Gov. Phil Murphy is fully committed to offshore wind, working toward generating 3.5 gigawatts of its clean energy by 2030 [go to article]
electric towers and wires

Opinion: Selling out the Meadowlands, and selling Jersey’s soul

BRUCE LOWRY / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The question is why. Why must it all be for sale? New Jersey’s waterways, its air [go to article]
Plastic bags at Walmart

Opinion: Imposing small fee on plastic and paper bags will help NJ fight litter

SANDY HUBER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) just released the results of a year-long visual litter study that shows [go to article]
Superfund sign

Opinion: Americans need a real Superfund policy, not symbolism

ELGIE HOLSTEIN / WASHINGTON POST - Because more than 50 million Americans live near toxic Superfund sites, it would be a very positive development [go to article]
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Sweeney: Preserving nuclear plants is critical for N.J.

STEPHEN SWEENEY / SOUTH JERSEY TIMES - America's nuclear industry is struggling. Around the country, depressed wholesale electricity prices are driving productive nuclear [go to article]
new jersey environment news, Trump

Trump isn’t reporting CO2 emissions, ending an era of global transparency

NATE HULTMAN and PAUL BODNAR / THE HILL - On New Year’s Day, the Trump administration missed an important deadline. It wasn’t related to the debt ceiling, DACA [go to article]

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