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Camden, New Jersey

Some of N.J.’s hundreds of polluted, abandoned sites may become usable again with this...

CHRIS SLEVIN / STAR-LEDGER - New Jersey is the birthplace of innovation. From Edison to Einstein, New Jersey leaders and companies have shaped [go to article]
Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Opinion: Stormwater utilities can help make Lake Hopatcong healthy

ELLIOTT RUGA / NORTHJERSEY.COM - The primary culprit that is causing the algae blooms in Lake Hopatcong and other recreational lakes and reservoirs in northern New Jersey [go to article]
Living shoreline oyster castle, Money Island, Delaware Bay

Littoral Society: Living Shorelines Act will protect coast from rising seas, storms

AMERICAN LITTORAL SOCIETY - Representatives from the American Littoral Society stood beside N.J. Congressman Frank Pallone on Thursday, Aug. 22 [go to article]

Opinion: If we want to be stronger than the next storm, we’ve got work...

JEFF TITTEL / STAR-LEDGER - On the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we are not stronger than the next storm. Many lives, communities, homes, and coastal [go to article]
electric vehicle charging station

Opinion: It’s New Jersey’s turn to electrify its buses and cars

VERLINA REYNOLDS-JACKSON / STAR-LEDGER - While thousands of New Jerseyan’s rely on public transit buses to get to work or run errands, there is a dirty [go to article]

Opinion: Concerned about the environment? Vote!

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - People who consider themselves environmentalists recycle, use energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Editorial: See if aging N.J. energy plants can inherit the wind

SOUTH JERSEY TIMES - Do the leaders of Europe’s offshore energy companies know something that we don’t about New Jersey’s outdated electricity generating plants [go to article]
electric vehicle charging, new jersey environment news

Opinion: Lawmakers should pass bill supporting Electrify NJ agenda

REV. RONALD TUFF and REV. BRYANT ALI / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Breath is life. This simple reality compels us, as African-American faith leaders [go to article]
PennEast Pipeline protest sign

Opinion: Penneast pipeline doesn’t go with a clean-energy future

BRANDON MCKOY / NJ SPOTLIGHT - While we share a border and general appreciation for a good bagel, New Jersey and New York are different — especially when [go to article]

Opinion: Health and safety at risk if more gas pipelines allowed in NJ

PATTY CRONHEIM / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Natural gas pipelines can explode for many reasons. In San Bruno, California, in 2010, the problem was defective welding [go to article]

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