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pipeline, energy, natural gas, new jersey

Opinion: Transforming the garden state into the pipeline state

KIM KELLY / ALJAZEERA - Whenever someone asks me where I'm from, I tell them, "I'm from the most beautiful place you've [go to article]
nj environment news, cars in traffic

Opinion: Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars

VENKAT SUMANTRAN, CHARLES FINE and DAVID GONSALVEZ / THE GUARDIAN - The spectre of our cities choking with unhealthy air has prompted numerous governments [go to article]
new jersey factory

NJ’s next governor should champion environmental justice

ANA ISABEL BAPTISTA / NJ SPOTLIGHT - While New Jersey prepares for a new governor, important questions about the state’s environment, health [go to article]
trump, pruitt, new jersey environment news

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump further endanger the planet

AMY DAVIDSON SORKIN / THE NEW YORKER - On September 20th, in New York, while the United Nations General Assembly was in session [go to article]
Hurricane Harvey, NASA, Hundson River, Jersey City, NJ Environment News

Opinion: Capt. Trump steers smack into the climate storm

TOM MORAN / STAR-LEDGER - It may seem precious to discuss a slow-motion crisis like climate change when the Republican chairman [go to article]
wind turbine, new jersey energy

Opinion: Will N.J. be a hub or a bust for wind turbines?

DAN FATTON and JOHN SHINN - The landmark 2010 Offshore Wind Economic Development Act should have made New Jersey [go to article]
Hoboken food, Sandy, new jersey

Opinion: Christie was right not to allow building on flood-prone areas. Why the change?

JOHN A. MILLER and SAMANTHA MEDLOCK / STAR-LEDGER - For over a month, many of us have been riveted to the Weather Channel [go to article]
new jersey environment, EPA superfund

Editorial: Superfund, no longer such a super fund

NEWS & OBSERVER - Oh, the Superfund program created in 1980 was a very good idea. Industries and businesses would be held accountable [go to article]
new jersey environment, shore, wildlife

Opinion: Will proposed EPA cuts sever Barnegat Bay lifeline?

JANET TAURO / APP.COM - Against a stunning backdrop of Barnegat Bay on the banks of Cattus Island in Toms River Wednesday [go to article]
New Jersey Environment News, climate change, Seaside, Jersey Shore

Opinion: Sink or swim? Time for serious action on climate in NJ

DAN FATTON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - The latest hurricane disasters are yet another wake-up call. Climate change is happening [go to article]

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