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Gov Murphy delivers state of the state address

Editorial: Phil Murphy lays out a clean-energy road map

NORTHJERSEY.COM - Dating back to his days on the campaign trail in 2017, Gov. Phil Murphy has attempted to portray himself as the state’s first truly “green governor” [go to article]
Produce at the HLT farmers market in Flemington, NJ

Opinion: ‘Regenerative agriculture’ has climate, health benefits

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - What does organic farming have to do with climate change, cancer, nutrition and food security? [go to article]
solar energy, new jersey

Opinion: Here comes the sun for less money than you thought

BARBARA BLUMENTHAL / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Plummeting costs for solar and onshore wind power are changing America’s energy landscape and accelerating the shift [go to article]
Frank Pallone

Opinion: Drinking water standards must be strengthened

FRANK PALLONE, Jr. and ANDY KIM / APP.COM - You likely have not heard of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, but they are dangerous chemicals [go to article]
Cohansey River, Delaware Bay

Is there a future for NJ salt marshes?

JUDITH S. WEIS / NJ ENVIRONMENT NEWS - Salt marshes, or coastal wetlands, the green areas at the edge of our estuaries, are among the most productive [go to article]
Oysters, NJ environment news

Editorial: Efforts with scallops and oysters paying off in NJ

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Fisheries management has provided a model for how people can adjust their impact on the natural world to benefit themselves [go to article]
jersey shore dunes, new jersey environment

Opinion: We need to stop building Shore houses

CLAIRE SASKO / PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE - Approximately no one wants to lose the Jersey Shore as we know it to climate change. But real talk: This is what we face [go to article]
Farmland in Kingwood, NJ

Opinion: 236,000 acres of preserved farmland is an accomplishment worth celebrating

MICHELE S. BYERS / NJ CONSERVATION FOUNDATION - Every once in a while, a “blast from the past” comes along to remind you [go to article]

Opinion: Ban fracking waste anywhere in New Jersey

JUNIOR ROMERO / APP.COM - Gov, Phil Murphy’s call for a ban on fracking and the dumping of fracking waste in the Delaware River basin is a bold move to protect [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Opinion: For New Jersey’s air, subtracting nuclear means more pollution

BOB PERCIASEPE / APP.COM - We’ve seen this movie before. Whether it was in California, Florida, Vermont, Wisconsin and now in New Jersey, wherever nuclear power plants [go to article]

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