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Saturday, September 22, 2018


sewer grate, new jersey

Opinion: We need real solutions to N.J. water woes

CHRIS STURM / APP.COM - Few things are better than spending a day at the Jersey Shore. However, this summer the region that in 2017 contributed half of the state’s [go to article]
Governor Phil Murphy

Opinion: Murphy listened on plastic bag ban

JANET TAURO / APP.COM - There is already criticism, moaning about inconvenience and industry pressure, but Gov. Phil Murphy took a bold step forward [go to article]
New Jersey Meadowlands

Opinion: Meadowlands no place for fracked gas plant

MATT SMITH / NORTHJERSEY.COM - When it comes to clean energy, Gov. Phil Murphy has pushed New Jersey ahead of most states in the country, setting a goal of 50 percent [go to article]
oil in water, pollution

Editorial:With lawmakers oblivious, Murphy prevents a homeowner headache

STAR-LEDGER - The New Jersey Spill Act is sacrosanct, and it doesn't matter whether that assertion arouses debate or elicits yawns. It is state dogma - period [go to article]
plastic bag floats in ocean

Opinion: Bag fees gone, NJ should ban plastic bags, promote recycling

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - Bravo, Gov. Phil Murphy, for helping bring New Jersey up to speed on the rapidly intensifying issue of wasteful and polluting plastic bags [go to article]
Plastic bag in lake

Editorial: Ban the bags – Plastic is the enemy of the people

STAR-LEDGER - With a pen stroke, Gov. Murphy could have imposed a 5-cent fee for plastic bags. Then he could have grabbed that money to wallpaper [go to article]

Editorial: The war on coal has ended. Now comes the war on breathable air.

STAR-LEDGER - In a blowtorched American summer that now seems to be the new normal, we have experienced record-shattering heatwaves from L.A. [go to article]
new jersey solar power, wind energy

Opinion: How New Jersey can finance its bold new clean energy targets

DAKOTA GANGI and MARY BARBER / ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE FUND - On May 23, New Jerseyans scored a major economic and environmental victory when Governor Phil [go to article]
Plastic bags at Walmart

Editorial: Push ahead with plastics ban – but do so thoughtfully

NORTHJERSEY.COM - “Is plastic OK?” That’s the question we’ve all heard online when checking out at the grocery store [go to article]
new jersey environment, water, stream

Editorial: Preserve state authority over water quality

NORTHJERSEY.COM - The Trump administration doesn’t take kindly to states' taking it upon themselves to exercise environmental responsibility. Nor does it care much [go to article]

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