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Saturday, September 22, 2018


offshore wind turbine installation

Opinion: Learn from Europe, keep wind generation and transmission separate

WILFRIED BREUER / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey is about to embark on an ambitious program to develop the wind energy off its ample, and beautiful, coast [go to article]
development, construction, new jersey environment

Opinion: The local implications of home size and climate change

MAURIE J. COHEN / CENTRALJERSEY.COM - My wife recently alerted me to a The New York Times article reporting about how planners in Princeton were enthusiastically [go to article]
sewer grate, new jersey

Opinion: Few municipalities in NJ will create stormwater utilities, but some should

DANIEL J. VAN ABS / NJ SPOTLIGHT - Once again, the New Jersey Legislature is moving forward with legislation that would allow, but not require, that municipalities [go to article]
Plastic bag in tree

Opinion: Plastic bags will soon be joining the dodo bird – history

JOAN QUIGLEY / JERSEY JOURNAL - When you bring stuff home, what do you do with all the plastic bags [go to article]
Farm on Delaware River, Warren County, NJ

Opinion: Environmental protection argument has major disparity

SHARON FURLONG / BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES - It is an often-heard refrain when talking about environmental protection, “But what about the jobs lost?” [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Opinion: Oyster Creek decommissioning plan needs close scrutiny

PAUL GUNTER / APP.COM - It is understandable that everybody wants to see the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant, scheduled to close permanently Sept. 17, decommissioned as [go to article]
jersey shore, new jersey environment

Opinion: Dredging project eroding public trust doctrine and public trust

MICHELE DONATO / APP.COM - The public trust doctrine has protected tidal waters for the benefit of the people since Roman times.  In the United States, we inherited [go to article]

Editorial: A reckless scheme on auto emissions

NEW YORK TIMES - The Trump administration’s decision to try to weaken President Barack Obama’s landmark 2012 agreement to increase fuel efficiency [go to article]
Oyster Creek nuclear plant new jersey

Editorial: The sooner N.J.’s oldest nuke plant is shuttered the better

SOUTH JERSEY TIMES - In a surprise -- and, most likely welcome -- announcement on Tuesday, the timeline to decommission the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station [go to article]
Solar Panels

Editorial: Many in N.J. can’t go solar even when the sun shines

TIMES OF TRENTON - The sun's warmth and radiance are accessible free of charge to any New Jersey resident. Converting those resources to usable power, not so much [go to article]

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