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$5M in federal funding will help restore Delaware River Basin

BRENDA FLANAGAN / NJTV NEWS - It’s Jersey’s other coastline: the Delaware River. It runs along New Jersey’s entire western border, draining a watershed [go to article/video]
Columbia Lake, Knowlton, NJ

Big ‘ecological impact’ to follow removal of Warren County dam

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - A few week ago, hundreds of shad were spotted swimming in a small pool at the bottom of a 109-year-old hydropower dam [go to article]

Go/no-go for power plant on one of NJ’s most pristine waterways

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - A proposal to build a power plant on the Musconetcong River has obtained an exemption from Highlands [go to article]
broken water pipes

Is NJ ready for water-use fee to fund billions in upgrades of aging infrastructure?

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - It has never won support in the past, but a state senator is reviving a decades-old bill that would impose a fee on water use to fund the rebuilding [go to article]
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New law ‘turns on the spigot’ at old plant that treats wastewater on Delaware...

BILL GALLO, JR. / NJ.COM - A South Jersey company could soon again be processing millions of gallons of hazardous wastewater and dumping the residue into the Delaware [go to article]
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Editorial: New Jersey needs this tool to reduce flooding and water pollution

JIM WALTMAN / NJ SPOTLIGHT - New Jersey has a $15 billion problem. Polluted stormwater runoff causes damaging flooding, fouls rivers with pollution [go to article]
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Newark environmental group claims that lead levels are high in drinking water

AP / EYEWITNESS NEWS ABC 7 NY - An environmental group sued the city of Newark on Tuesday, alleging officials violated federal safe drinking water laws [go to article]

This river’s tallest dam must come down, environmentalists say

MARISA IATI / LEHIGHVALLEYLIVE.COM - Federal officials called it a public safety risk. The state classified it as high-hazard [go to article]
Hoboken food, Sandy, new jersey

Does rain tax have a chance of taming state’s stormwater runoff?

TOM JOHNSON / NJ SPOTLIGHT - It’s been a system that has been used by most states to deal with an issue that has vexed policymakers in New Jersey for years [go to article]
beach and seawater

Why fecal bacteria sometimes takes over Jersey Shore beaches

RUSS ZIMMER / NBC 10 - The cloud of fecal bacteria that lingered off New Jersey beaches last week is a reminder of a grim truth on the Shore: The water [go to article]

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